June’s Journey Bush Exchange

Sea Eyes – Red to Sheets, Blue to Snoozie and Inanna
Sheets – Red to Snoozie, Blue to Inanna and Zazuzu
Snoozie – Red to Inanna, Blue to Zazuzu and MyIsland
Inanna – Red to Zazuzu, Blue to MyIsland and June
Zazuzu – R ed to MyIsland, Blue to June and Found
MyIsland – Red to June, Blue to Found and M
June – Red to Found, Blue to M and Ones
Found – Red to M, Blue to Ones and Hums
M – Red to Ones, Blue to Hums and TheySee
Ones – Red to Hums, Blue to TheySee and Pugstoys
Hums – Red to TheySee, Blue to Pugstoy and James Lynn
TheySee – Red to Pugstoy, Blue to James Lynn and Sea Eyes
Pugstoy – Red to JamesLynn, Blue to Sea Eyes and Sheets
JamesLynn – Red to Sea Eyes, Blue to Sheets and Snoozie

Each day you will gift red and blue bushes to your assigned team members. You will receive red and blue bushes from other assigned team members. If you do not receive your bushes please let Inanna know who did not give you your bush. You can see who your bushes should come from in the above list.

The bush exchange begins Saturday, Feb 4, 2022.